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Build a Rocket Team Building

Build a Rocket

An action packed corporate event which will see your team design, create, build and launch their very own rockets.

Teams must work together, pooling their knowledge, to build a rocket (and launch pad) that meets a number of requirements.

Rocket BuildTo complete their challenge, each team will be provided with a wide range of materials, including bottles of various shapes & sizes – only one of which they will be allowed to use. Rockets will be judged on distance, accuracy and aesthetics.

This is a highly creative and most importantly fun event which encourages collaborative working and the development of time management skills.

This event is for a part day; it makeS a brilliant energiser for meeting and conferences. It is definitely an outdoor event!

Remember, the sky is the limit!


What is included in your Teambuilding?

·         Bandanas

·         MC

·         Facilitation Staff

·         A huge array of materials and equipment

·         Event Set Up and Logistic Management

Group Size: 10 - 200

Time: 2-4 hours

Space Required: Outdoor location  Quote